About this site

This site was written by a IIDX player with the help of a few prominent friends. One day I hope to match their intellect, wish me luck.

The philosophy behind writing these guides and the information contained within is to remove repetitive troubleshooting. By this point, every server has answered the same questions over and over again, hundreds of times. Maddening to see over the years, don't you think?

While a search function may be present across several communities, it is often unused by users, something I have never found an answer as to why, but my hope is that I can confidently link specific sections of this site to resolve 99% of issues people bring up until it becomes the norm. Each beginner setup guide is built to minimalize user interaction with the data itself, and to keep things simple via hand-holding. For example, with modern improvements to tools, games can now be ran successfully without the user ever touching a single file from the game's data. Days have long past for users incorrectly modifying their ea3-config.

Still, as long as this website helps even 1 user enjoy these games, then its goal has been met. Whether it be within the first hour of its posting, or years later, I will be satisfied if I meet that goal.



  • Friends that wished to remain anonymous: motivation, technical assistance, inspiration.

  • Passionate rhythm game players worldwide that allow these games to exist, thank you for making it a lot of fun to be involved in the scene and around you all.


Please do not contact me to troubleshoot your problems, I will not respond.

In the time thinking about this site I have wondered how best to open contact for the betterment of the site and overall community. I wish to remain largely private because I do not want credit for this work, but if you wish to contact me regarding wanting to contribute, or even site inaccuracies, improvements, and solutions that worked for you but aren't listed...

Feel free to email me at: bemaniguide@protonmail.com

I can't promise I'll respond, but if you see some changes relating to what you emailed, I certainly read what you sent.