Arcade Part Documentation

Before proceeding, please read:

This section is a list of various arcade part manufacturers with part model numbers and misc documentation concerning said parts as needed, alongside links on where to purchase parts from the most trusted locations (not every link to purchase will be included, there's too many parts sellers, only ones I've personally found reliable are listed.)

I'm not confident this will be all-encompassing of every part ever, but it will be sufficient for those purchasing arcade style controllers (ASCs) and those in need of maintenance for said controllers. I'm omitting things like 400g springs, or 10g microswitches because no one really uses these products for regular play, but they exist nonetheless!

One last thing, if there's for example, multiple model numbers of say, 25g microswitches, you can assume they have different internals and thus provide different feedback. I'm not aware of anyone qualified and experienced enough to give exact logistics on how these parts may feel different, so I've omitted any details and will simply specify what the most common vendors provide alongside these variants.

7/26/2020 IMPORTANT Notice:

Rakuten has switched to separate services, namely Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Global Express, they have provided an FAQ here. Essentially, some vendors will continue to offer international shipping, but the proxy service now exists for those that do not. If Sanwa Denshi does not ship to your region, simply sign up for their proxy service, or another of your choosing that is willing to provide for you.

Alongside this, Sanwa Denshi seemingly no longer provides the typical lamps in many of the old-model button types that has been custom for many years. Given I am unfamiliar with anyone currently using these new lamps in their controllers, at the time of writing, I will provide links to buttons with the lamp and lamp-less buttons. On some listings, they allow the option to select the LED voltage and on others, they do not.

  • Just for reference:
    • DJ DAO boards: 5V
    • YuanCon boards: 12V
    • Arcin: 5V (or 12V if you only hook up the negative side)

So, if you're overly concerned as a new buyer, you can choose to buy lamps at a later date. I apologize for the inconvenience and current inability to provide more detailed information, and will be working to update this ASAP.

Lastly, I have to remove IST Mall (Korean seller) from many of the listings at this time because their Sanwa options seemingly have now begun to use the new-style connectors that are not compatible with provided connectors from existing ASC vendors. I apologize for this inconvenience, but feel free to buy this new style if you understand JST connectors and can wire things up with basic electronics skills.

IIDX Buttons



Rectangular Gameplay Keys

Square Menu/Option Buttons


SDVX Buttons


Square BT Gameplay Buttons

Rectangular FX Gameplay Buttons


Rectangular FX Gameplay Buttons

Start Button


SDVX Encoders


YuanCon's Encoders

Sensatec Encoders (Arcade)


Pop'n Buttons



Circular Dome Gameplay Buttons




25g Microswitches

50g Microswitches

100g Microswitches


60g Microswitches




20g Springs

40g Springs

50g Springs

60g Springs

100g Springs