List of Touchscreen Monitors and their Polling Rates

Before reading:

This section contains a few touchscreen monitors tested by community members over the years and their respective polling rates. Please note that a polling rate is NOT THE REFRESH RATE of a monitor, but is the critical factor in determining how responsive a touchscreen is and is unfortunately something every major retailer omits from their product listings due to lack of consumer awareness.

At higher levels of gameplay, rapid button presses may fail to be acknowledged by touchscreen monitors with a low polling rate, making good scores impossible and creating a frustrating experience.

Every BEMANI game with a touchscreen polls at 250hz, and some use an IR grid to achieve this. Thus, I am defining viable as 180hz or more, but I will include some monitors and manufacturer dates under this to help curious buyers be aware, as sometimes different manufacturer dates result in different polling rates and it's always good to document cruddy monitors to save people money.

One thing to note is, this is not to say that monitors with low polling rates are unusable, they can still provide enjoyment and are often cheap enough to be a great option to see how far one may want to get into a certain touchscreen based game. But, the goal is to provide a potential buyer information to make an educated choice, and monitors with low polling rates will run the risk of needing to be replaced as higher levels of play, potentially causing frustration and wasted money.

If you want to check your touch screen monitor's polling rate simply download Mouse Rate Checker and move your finger across the window at a reasonable pace, but not too fast! After you get your results, maybe even consider contacting me with your monitor type, manufacturing date, and result so that I can include your results where applicable.

Dell S2240T

  • 2013 Manufacturing Date:
    • 200hz GREAT!
  • 2014 Manufacturing Date:
    • May: 200hz GREAT!
    • September: 180hz
  • 2015 Manufacturing Date:
    • March: 200hz GREAT!
    • September: 200hz GREAT!
  • Late 2016 Manufacturing Date:
    • 140hz AVOID
  • Early 2017 Manufacturing Date:
    • 180hz
  • Mid 2017 Manufacturing Date:
    • 140hz AVOID
  • February 2018 Manufacturing Date:
    • 180hz

Dell P2314T

  • November 2015 Manufacturing Date:
    • 60hz DO NOT BUY!

Dell P2418HT

  • May 2018 Manufacturing Date:
    • 60hz DO NOT BUY!

Iiyama T2336MSC

  • Revision B1:
    • 180hz