GITADORA EXCHAIN Common Problems/Tips

Hardware Specs

Bemani PC Type 4

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 2400


OS: Windows 7 Embedded

My Game Is Running Slow/Lagging

Make sure you at least meet the above hardware requirements, try to eliminate any unnecessary background processes during play as well.

My Game Is Running Crazy Fast!

The most common reason for this is the game is running over its required 60hz, the game is hardcoded to run at 60hz and this cannot be changed. To solve this, set your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz. You can always check on the game's monitor check if the game is fluctuating around 59.94hz, the NTSC standard. If it's not around there and your monitor is indeed set to 60hz, consider trying a different panel or forcing vsync on in your GPU's graphics settings.

I get an IP Change Error!

Which Offset Is Which?

If you're getting too many fasts, increase your offset (+). If you're getting too many slows, decrease your offset (-). Gitadora features BOTH a visual offset and an audio based one, so experiment accordingly.

Why Are My Videos Freezing (Usually Towards the End of the Song)?

If you're using Windows 10, there is a bug that is caused by the difference between the ASF stream decoder between Windows 7 and Windows 10 wherein it fails to properly detect the end of file of the video stream which causes the video decoder to throw an exception, which is why the video freezes. At the time of writing, SpiceTools does not have a fix for this, but there are hooks available to resolve this issue.

I Tried Switching to SpiceTools to Follow the Guide and It Crashes!

This is a known issue, make sure to replace all of the .dll files from the contents folder of the game with ones from a fresh install, other tools currently modify these files in a way that SpiceTools cannot deal with.

My Drum Pedal Isn't Working!

Some drum kits utilize hi-hat control with the pedal resulting in different MIDI addresses that require additional bindings, make sure to follow your drum kit's manual to see these other bindings and bind them in your desired tool's accordingly. Gitadora does not do this, so the game utilizes just 1 binding for every level of sensitivity on the pedal and multiple bindings are typically required with most drum kits.

When I Run This Game All Other Background Audio Is Gone! What's Going On?

Gitadora is a 64-bit game that utilizes a feature in Windows called WASAPI exclusive mode to obtain less audio latency than the former 32-bit versions of BEMANI games which used DirectSound. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

Note on 2-channel and 4-channel Audio

For most setups, the -2ch parameter will be mandatory to hear any functional audio. 4-channel setups aren't really working in general and there's buffer issues, please avoid using it.