IIDX 25 Common Problems/Tips

Hardware Specs

Bemani PC (ADE-6291)

Konami (2018)

Based on an AMD Embedded R Series SoC.


GPU: Radeon R7


OS: Windows 7 Embedded

My Game Is Running Slow/Lagging

Make sure you at least meet the above hardware requirements, try to eliminate any unnecessary background processes during play as well.

My Game Is Running Crazy Fast!

The most common reason for this is the game is running over its required 60hz, the game is hardcoded to run at 60hz and this cannot be changed. To solve this, set your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz. You can always check on the game's monitor check if the game is fluctuating around 59.94hz, the NTSC standard. If it's not around there and your monitor is indeed set to 60hz, consider trying a different panel or forcing vsync on in your GPU's graphics settings.

Camera Device Error Message

The game released with two USB cameras and naturally it's looking for them, if you do not have two cameras plugged into your computer then the game outputs this error, which can be ignored simply by hitting Test or waiting 60 seconds for it to be auto-dismissed.

But if you're tired of this message every time you start up the game, the CAMERA DEVICE ERROR message can be removed via a hex edit, check out the Hex Edits section for an easy drag and drop solution.

Occasional Game Stutters During Play

Sometimes you might have occasional stutters during play, while solutions can vary wildly from general performance issues to bad hard drives, try adding SpiceTools -realtime parameter to your .bat file.

HD and HD*

This version of IIDX has two HD mode options, HD and HD* neither is inherently better than the other, the only difference is HD* is an additional + 1.0 offset in-game, the official reasoning is to account for a different set of monitors on arcade cabs. In beatmania IIDX 26 ROOTAGE this option is removed entirely and only HD is present.

Which Offset Is Which?

If you're getting too many fasts, increase your offset (+). If you're getting too many slows, decrease your offset (-).

A Note About SSE 4.2

In the rare case you are running this game on very old hardware, IIDX 25 requires a processor supporting the SSE 4.2 instruction set. But, in the event your processor does not have this, there is a hex edit available to bypass this.

When I Run This Game All Other Background Audio Is Gone! What's Going On?

64-bit versions of IIDX are now utilizing a feature in Windows called WASAPI exclusive mode to obtain less audio latency than the former 32-bit versions of the games which used DirectSound. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

I'm Not Getting Any Audio/My Audio Is Completely Wrecked and I'm Using an External Dac!

Several external DACs have issues with WASAPI exclusive mode and are unable to be used entirely, it's likely you'll be forced to use your motherboard's sound chip, or find a compatible DAC.