beatmania IIDX 27 Lighting Mode Information

Author Note:

This page and all pages tied to IIDX 27 may see rapid changes in the next 48 hours. I am writing this note currently at 12:15AM EST on October 27th, just for reference.

Most of this page is temporary and will be immensely revised in the coming days.


Booting the game in Lightning Mode requires a few things. To start off with, you will need to enable the -iidxtdj option in SpiceTools and you will also need to enable the Enable Lightning Mode hex edit inside of SpiceTools and SpiceCompanion's patches tab.

In doing so, and subsequently every time you choose to switch between the two modes, you will want to delete everything inside your dev/nvram folder, and redo the setup process again with initializing the backup date, setting the clock, shop name, and the definition type.

SpiceTools as of 10/26/2020 has some updated features to work with this as well. Namely, the ability to toggle the Lightning Model subscreen via the Toggle Subscreen option in the Buttons tab. You can use your mouse to navigate the touchscreen as desired. Enter your pin, toggle buttons, etc.

SpiceCompanion has also as of 10/26/2020 added a brand new Screen feature as well. Using SpiceCompanion, you can receive the subscreen on your phone/tablet/etc and then use your device as a touch device for the subscreen. Do note that at this time it will not work while the game is running in windowed mode. If you run into performance issues, go to the settings tab to adjust things like the Screen Quality, Screen Threads, and Screen Divide, this feature is heavily dependent on connection and you will notice as you bump up the quality that the ping will increase as well. It may take some fiddling to find the most ideal settings for your setup.